Please take this quick assessment to see if you qualify for coaching.

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I have gotten comfortable with where I am in life and need a push forward.

I am fully willing to do the work and let the coach do the coaching.

If I commit to something, I will keep my word, even if it means sacrificing something I enjoy.

I am willing to use new techniques or concepts and try new things even if they seem odd, difficult, or uncomfortable, in order to get better results.

I am willing to hold nothing back (tell the whole truth) to the coach and myself.

Do you enjoy a good challenge (frequently)?

Do you question your choices frequently?

Do you need help finding or shining your passion in life?

Do you have some challenges in your current life in which you could use some professional advice?

Are you in the middle of making some life altering choices?

Do you not like being late because you value your time and those that you are meeting with?

Do you need some techniques to help motivate your team or family?

Do you enjoy empowering yourself continuously?

Are you prepared to leave a legacy behind for your family?

Do you need to improve your public speaking skills?

Do you have some business ideas that need an extra push?