Bert Oliva

Anger Driven

By Bert Oliva


What do you do you with your anger? Are you one of those people that loses control and destroys everything in their path? Then you regret what you said and did? Or are you one of those people that channels their anger? And uses the energy to move you forward?

We all get angry and upset. Life is not perfect by any means and there are just times when we will not be happy. However, when you allow your anger to control you and ruin everything you have built, you are only hurting yourself. You can hurt relationships, business deals, and even your future.

Anger is an emotion like any other. Feeling it is normal. However, you must learn how to channel it in order to keep it from destroying you.

Instead of allowing anger to build up, start using techniques to vent your anger. Keep a journal near you and write away your anger when you feel it. Or take a walk to use up some of that pent up energy. Or find another way, preferably with some type of physical action, to exert some of the energy that you are feeling. Once you vent some of the initial anger, then you can look upon the situation that made you angry and logically think about what actions you can take to change the situation.

By using this two-step process, you will keep your anger from hurting you, yet you will still be able to channel the power of your anger to drive change in your life.

Live Life,
Bert Oliva

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